hati kita jodoh kita semua di tangan-NYA maka jika tertulis dia untuk kita maka dia adalah jodoh kita tidak kira cepat atau lambat hanya masa yang menentukan .biarlah masa yang berganti masa setiap detik berganti saat jika hati ini ikhlas milikmu Insyaallah sehingga ke jannah~

Pathetic in happy

Assalamualaikum guys :) have a great morning ! jyeahh it already ramadhan soo long time yeahh not merapu . yeahh since that day I keep on busy myself with working jyeahh am officially Focus Point staff
*upload satu gambar dulu

sempat sajoo nak koyaa in terengganu hihi :D Alhamdulillah my life much better now since working here , it like there were a new life for me with other staff there Kak Husna , Ab , A.razzif and Harry guys they are awesome . kira kalau satu hari dalam kedai takde gelak tawa konpem cam sunyi sangat-2 now da rasa sayang nak tinggal kerja bila sambung sem nanti hmm :/

About feeling

Kalau bole memang da taknak sentuh soal feeling actually but I cant face it anymore if just keep it there inside :/ . till now It already 124 day away from our breakup day . yeah hard to face hard to accept I really dont understand this kindda feeling . what wrong with me till now I cant let it go . am still remind past memories gosh! why would this happen to me :/ maybe I love him too much and that why it not that easy to let this thing go with the flow

people said time would heal everything , yeah TIME but for how long , did'nt it know how pain me now ? maybe time could heal the wound but it will leave a scar and scar would stay there . know what 124day away but not the memories everyday woke up early in the morning I still remember those thing we're doing together sometime I use to cried over alone when remember bout him :'( painfull!

sapu tangan tuu , gambar tuuu semua all sort of thing that related our love I still keep it sometime when I miss him I put those thing on and remind the memories . I cried over his picture too . pathetic life yeahh ! re-read our conversation re-read those past entry keep on rolling the same music , I donno till when am gonna be like this .

Alhamdulillah syukur ! I got my only one the one that most important to me for the whole yang banyak sangat bagi support dalam hidup ni . the most understanding person ever , She know me very well she know how much I love her and what my deep feeling said . sometime she also cried together with me , she's my bestfriend , my mom and my everything  :'D

Dear Crush :')
I dont know if you keep reading my entry anymore or not . I just wanna said I miss those memories together . am not gonna hate you and not regret of knowing you , because of you I became this tough to stay . I know you do know about my feeling toward you . am sorry  I just can't let it go . 

#Assalamualaikum selamat pagi selamat bersahur semua salam 16 Ramadhan :')

Happiness is only real when we learn how to shared