hati kita jodoh kita semua di tangan-NYA maka jika tertulis dia untuk kita maka dia adalah jodoh kita tidak kira cepat atau lambat hanya masa yang menentukan .biarlah masa yang berganti masa setiap detik berganti saat jika hati ini ikhlas milikmu Insyaallah sehingga ke jannah~

bukan milik kita

Assalamualaikum semua :)
oyeahh since last two month ago I never hapdate either open this blog to public rite ? sorry readers there a lot of problem and complicated situation for me to face it .~ And now after this two pathetic month am coming back with a new spirit to face my life and with new condition :DD 

in malay this situation seriously damn untuk ditelan , the journey of my relationship is not like what I expect before , yeahh maybe it my false "hanyut" dalam dunia cinta sampai tak ingat dunia so when it turn to this kind situation all sort of feeling just enter deep in there "keliru , sedih , marah , benci"  ok while listening to Astrid-tentang rasa tears please stop drop everywhere on the keyboard :( .

hanya adda yang rasa yang tanggung sorang-ii sedang dia Alhamdulillah semakin bahagia barangkali , ingat jangan pernah benci seseorang yang pernah membahagiakan hidup kita walaupun cuma seketika , yeahh perit sekali pon he use to be there deep in my heart and he someone that tried to make me happy even it just in my past rite :) .

untuk awak yang saya panggil sayang ,
just a simple note here 
    thankyou so much for what we had all this while , I never regret of knowing you as my friend just a regreted knowing you as my couple . I though that is my big mistake ever , I've lost my SAHABAT someone that know me for the best . but I never hate you like I said ,how worst you did no matter worst everything happen you are someone in my past and thank you for those past day yeahh . we;re no longer friend since i said so we're a stranger and you were a memories to me . I hope that you are fine with your new life with her . Alhamdulillah you found someone that really understand you .

I believe in hukum karma Allah maybe I deserve what i feel now , maybe in my past i've hurt someone like i've being hurt .Assalamualaikum :)

Happiness is only real when we learn how to shared