hati kita jodoh kita semua di tangan-NYA maka jika tertulis dia untuk kita maka dia adalah jodoh kita tidak kira cepat atau lambat hanya masa yang menentukan .biarlah masa yang berganti masa setiap detik berganti saat jika hati ini ikhlas milikmu Insyaallah sehingga ke jannah~

Ameerul Syaffiq


so since the last post from me  , now I would like to introduce someone who had cure my wound . Insyaallah till the end of life to the journey to jannah .  I hope for this time it  will  be a good ending of my stories better than before . and for you to know yeah he is brother of someone that use to live in my past , so what ??? You dont know the story so you don't have any right to judge me . Only people who knew me for real know the story . what ? ingat aku tak baca apa yang korang cakapkan ? aku tahu and aku baca but for me I hate to make it as a big issue  sokay go on with what you think bout me I dont care at all ! 

like hot issue , this is not what I want to share about ..opsss so sorry yeahh .
 his name Ameerul syaffiq b. rosdi .  so since couple month knew him am happy to be with him . someone soft spoken seriously be with him sometime make me forgot all the problem . 

dear sayang ,
let them talk about us I dont care . you knew me for real knew how I act, knew how am i in all sort of situation .Knew my past  . and I know u tried to be the best for me :) thanks a lot for those past day sayang <3 and may what we plan become true Insyaallah .

# gambar kat atas one of my fav picture actually ada gaya Aaron Aziz ? :D hee ,

Happiness is only real when we learn how to shared