hati kita jodoh kita semua di tangan-NYA maka jika tertulis dia untuk kita maka dia adalah jodoh kita tidak kira cepat atau lambat hanya masa yang menentukan .biarlah masa yang berganti masa setiap detik berganti saat jika hati ini ikhlas milikmu Insyaallah sehingga ke jannah~


what happend to me for this whole year ,was a memories yeah i guess ,either a sweet or bad memories it still a memories that I will remember for this long journey of life rite :)
I never regret for what had happend in my journey because this is the story that I will tell to my future generation :)

2011 ^^
you are the years that make me realise that life wasn't easy as I though ,
you are the years that I learn about parent sacrifice,
you are the years make me wonder easy to love but NOT to be love,
you are the year make me realise a meaning of FRIENDSHIP,
you are the year make me wonder how worst this life full of a LIAR,
you are the years make me believe in of HOPE ,
your are the years which create a strenghthen the relationship between someone that I ever know before
a years that make me learn to LOVE someone does'nt mean they should be yours :)

for YOU someone that already enter my life thanks alot for being the most understanding person 

Happiness is only real when we learn how to shared