hati kita jodoh kita semua di tangan-NYA maka jika tertulis dia untuk kita maka dia adalah jodoh kita tidak kira cepat atau lambat hanya masa yang menentukan .biarlah masa yang berganti masa setiap detik berganti saat jika hati ini ikhlas milikmu Insyaallah sehingga ke jannah~


hey readers sorry alot for delete the old blog ! yeahh alot of trouble from that blogger ! delete that blog change to this blog for this whole new life ! NO MORE tacing sentap hearty just like before ! wanna chill my self without a guy that i called MUMMY or here it comfortable if i call him MR.HARDCORE !jyeahhhh hard to forget all sort of think ! it a lie when i said i did'nt miss all like before. i do miss all that >.< I miss his joke alot .NEW LIFE BEGIN ~ i had promises myself after this will be nomore feeling toward LOVE the pain is still inside no one will understand the way it hurt damn much.new life that lost all those sweet feeling is cool rite MR.HARDCORE ? i wish i could be like YOU .the way you LOVE everybody around you ! everything happend to me rite now remind me of you .I remember your last text that day "asyik mati mati mati,kalau kau rasa senang dengan tengok aku mati aku boleh buat!aku kat luar ni keep my words" copypaste @message center :+60120000015 i know that all just a joke to you does'nt mean anything at all rite ? all your LOVE was a lie ! i am STUPID to fall in love with you!
Happiness is only real when we learn how to shared